50 years ago at the Buxton Campground in Cape Hatteras.
The 1974 East Coast Championships and the United States Surfing Championships were held back to back. In this photo I think everyone was just arriving and setting up camp. The G&S guys shared a campsite with the Pensacola guys. The G&S team drove the brown van from San Diego. The guy on the far left with the big water bottle is Skip Frye (pretty sure). Next is Pam, Yancy Spencer IV’s mom. The guy in the white hat is Yancy III holding a 1 or 2 year old Yancy IV. I believe the guy in yellow boardshorts is Darryl Rustin, a hot G&S Team guy from San Diego.
This was an epic event, with a solid two weeks of super fun surf, and some amazing surfing for that time.
x Tony Caruso