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Hope you guys enjoyed the freak swell we had yesterday.  The surf is small this morning.  It’s running ankle to shin high with some knee sets ever so often (but you have to wait).  The wind is blowing out of the WNW at 7-9 mph causing for glassy conditions.  The surf isn’t worth missing school or work for unfortunately.  Looked at the pier, the cross and 18th.  The cross was ankle to shin.  18th was ankle to shin with an occasional knee high wave but you do have to wait for them.  The pier had a little more size than 18th and the Cross but they are shorter lines.  We will give you another mid day update later today. Once again, BIG TIME THANK YOU to our new sponsor Bubba Barberi Air Conditioning and Heating.  Please support our sponsors because they are the ones keeping this site going.  Have a great Wednesday!
The Cross
18th Avenue
The Pier (sorry all the pictures came out blurry but you can still see the size/form)
Mommy Beach (clouds messed up the sunrise pic)