Looking for excellent craft beer that is made locally? Look no further than the Pensacola Bay Brewery. It is the best beer in town! Check them out at 225 E. Zaragoza Street, Pensacola FL.
You can see, smell, and taste the finest beer in Florida.

Good morning surfers! Waves and rain continue again this morning on Pensacola Beach. The surfer has dropped into the waist to chest high range with shoulder high sets. The water temperature is around 60 F. The wind is Southeast at 10 – 15 mph causing choppy, disorganized conditions. The tide will be low at 6:54 am and high at 8:37 pm. The wind is predicted to go offshore this morning and the rains should stop leaving cloudy conditions and cleaner Surf that will drop throughout the day. We have another chance for more Surf again Wednesday. Have a great day!