Good morning surfers! So far the waves haven’t built much on Pensacola Beach. There are some knee to thigh high waves rolling in thaf could be fun on the right sandbar. The wind is currently East from 5 – 10 mph. The tide will be low at 9:24 this morning, but coming off a neap tide it won’t fill in until 2:06 am tomorrow morning. I think today’s the day if you want to enjoy the beach though.

Winds are projected to be 15 mph out of the East Northeast and then Northeast today which will cause for drift. It looks like some current is present already. Tomorrow may get even more windy according to forecasts. The waves are also supposed to build, but heavy winds could become a big problem tomorrow and Monday. So far we are not in the cone, which is happy. Pray for everyone affected and in the path of Irma. I’ll issue more reports on our waves throughout the day.