Good morning!  It’s ffffffffreeezing out here on Pensacola Beach.  The winds are 18- 21 mph out of the NNE gusting up to 31 mph in the last twelve minutes. The air temp is 41 degrees but I promise you it feels so much colder than that!  The good news is, we still have a little surf hanging around this morning.  It is running thigh to hip high, when the winds allow the swells to come through.  With the winds being as hard as they are, it is hard to paddle into the waves.  So, bring a nice heavy, fiberglass board to the beach.  If you brave the cold and wind, that is. The swell is supposed to die all day today. High tide was at 1:00 am this morning and will be headed out until 4:49 this evening.  Our surf forecast for the next week looks dismal.  So, pray for surf!  Hope you caught it yesterday.