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Good morning!  I hope that everyone had a happy and safe Halloween.  It’s a rainy morning out here right now.  And the surf…. Well it’s up!  The surf is running waist to chest high.  The winds are blowing out of the SW at 10-12 mph causing for choppy conditions and the air temperature is 76 degrees at the Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier.  Low tide was at 6:36 this morning and high tide is at 9:58 tonight.  It looks like the wind should go offshore this afternoon. One model shows it going offshore around 12 and another shows it going offshore around 3 pm.   We will keep our eyes on it!  The surf models are showing some left overs on Saturday morning and it looks like the surf is going to come back up for Monday.  Monday is showing offshore most of the day too.  So get your boards ready.  We have SURF!  Whoohoo.  Have an awesome Friday and we will give you another surf report at midday.