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Last day before hurricane season starts…insane!  We have surf!!  It is running chest, shoulder, head high plus! The winds are 16-17 mph out of the SSE according to our weather station on the pier. I would go find shelter because the drift looks wild.  The rides guys were getting were great though.  Some of the drops were well overhead, but it looked like it took some work. High tide peaks out at around three.  It looks like today could be the last day for sizable surf, however I just don’t understand because the winds are staying out of the ESE and SE for the next couple of days. Well, we will keep our eyes on the surf!  Go surf!!

I had time to shoot some pics.  I even caught some of the local wildlife that loves to get in front of the camera!


I guess it’s better than a banana hammock.









Mmmmm ear hair





I hope that’s sand!