Good afternoon.  The surf is ankle to shin high.  I did see one knee high wave break on the right side of the pier so you may get lucky and get a couple of knee high sets.  The wind is blowing out of the WSW at 7-8 mph causing for choppy conditions. The air temperature is 90 degrees and the sun is shining.  The surf is really small but you could teach a small kid to surf.  The waves that are breaking are breaking over a shallow sandbar so if you have a big fin on the back it could be an issue the longer you ride the wave.  The models are showing ankle high surf in the morning and building to knee to thigh by the afternoon.  Saturday is showing waist to stomach high surf so get your boards ready and keep your fingers crossed.  As always, thank you so much for your support!  We will give you a sunrise report tomorrow.

The Pier:

Photo: Two for the show :)

Photo: Another

Secret Spot X (East of the pier)