Good afternoon!  Well the surf still isn’t coming in like we would want it too.  The surf is ankle to shin high.  There are some bigger peaks ever so often but you really have to wait.  The wind is blowing out of the WSW at 7 mph causing for semi choppy conditions.  The air temperature is 88 degrees.  Beautiful day at the beach!  Hopefully it will get a little bit bigger as the day goes on.  The seas are supposed to get bigger again tomorrow. The reports are showing knee high in the morning and it is going to go offshore tomorrow afternoon.  Hopefully there will be some rideable offshore surf at some point tomorrow.  So keep your fingers crossed.  A great day to take out the skim board or SUP (stand up paddleboard).  You could ride some of these small waves on a SUP if you have one.  Have a great day and we will give you another update as always this afternoon.  If you like this site tell your friends about it and make it your homepage.

Why…There is a empty beach…Why walk right in front of me then.  Haha.