Pensacola Beach Live from the Pier

Sunday Lunch 04/22/12

Good afternoon surfers!  The wind is still super hard offshore.  It is blowing 16-20+ mph!  The sand stings when it hits you.  🙂  There is

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Sunday DP 04/22/12

Good morning surfers!  It’s a cold, windy morning.  The wind is blowing 13-15 out of the north east gusting 18+ mph. This is causing for

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Saturday Evening 04/21/12

Good evening surfers!!  Surf is kind of up!  A teeny little swell is sneaking through in the ankle, shin and sometimes knee high range.  The

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Saturday late morning report 04/21/2012

Good morning surfers.  It’s a beautiful rainy Saturday morning on the gulf.  The surf is flat.  Looks like the lake of Mexico today.  The wind

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Saturday DP 04/21/12

Surf is almost flat.  It’s ankle snappers breaking on the shore.  It’s a great morning to go SUPing.  The dolphins were out.  Rain is supposed

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Friday after-work report 04/20/2012

Good afternoon surfers.  It is a beautiful but windy day at the beach this afternoon.  The surf is coming in ankle to shin high.  The

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Friday Noon 04/20/12

Good afternoon surfers!!  It’s getting smaller. I was at the pier and it looks to be shin high.  The wind is SW @ 7-8 mph.

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Friday DP 04/20/12

Good morning surfers!  Surf is small.  It’s shin to knee high.  It’s definitely SUP-able or desperation longboardable. Winds are out the WNW at 3-5 mph!

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Thursday after-work report 04/19/2012

Good afternoon surfers.  The surf is still coming in at knee to thigh high.  I did see a couple of sets that were a little

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Thursday Lunch Report 04/19/12

Good afternoon surfers!  The surf is knee to thigh high with sometimes a hip+ peak sneaking through.  Winds are still offshore at 3-5 mph causing

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