Looking for excellent craft beer that is made locally? Look no further than the Pensacola Bay Brewery. It is the best beer in town! Check them out at 225 E. Zaragoza Street, Pensacola FL.
You can see, smell, and taste the finest beer in Florida.

It too cold to type this morning on Pensacola Beach. It’s too cold to think about how big the waves are. If you want to feel what it’s like surfing in Antarctica you might be able to longboard the tiny waves out here right now. Make sure you give the coast guard your last known location before you go. The tide is going out until 12:26 pm, but I don’t think that matters when the surface of the Gulf is frozen solid. I will be trying to make my way to Open Mic at Waterboyz tonight, (despite the visit from our Oompa-in-chief) where I’ll be happy to play bass on any anti-authority song you want. Of course you are welcome to jam on either side of the isle on the Sacred grounds of the Single Fin Cafe without retribution so come on out. Hope to see you there!