Well Surfers, sometime you score and sometimes you get skunked. The day isn’t over and there is swell in the Gulf, but the waves aren’t hitting Pensacola Beach as big as we expected right now. It looks like we have some knee to thigh to waist high sets at the pier, but many of our sandbars just aren’t picking up the extreme Westerly swell. It looks like a longboard day right now. The wind is ENE around 5-10 mph causing some bumps.
I haven’t heard from our friends to the East. Maybe they’re out getting shacked right now. 😬 The NWS seems to think they deserve a rip current warning for what it’s worth. Have a great day swell hunting, and remember the day isn’t over. High tide was in the middle of the nigh and low tide is at 11:30 am. We could get a tide push late this afternoon. I will watch and report what I see. Pray for the people in Texas.