***This surf report is sponsored by Papa’s Pizza. They really do have the best pizza in the Panhandle. This is one of our favorite places to eat after we surf until sunset. Order a pizza on your way home from surfing at 850-934-1198. They are located on the Pensacola Beach Boardwalk across from Bamboo Willies.

Good morning!  Welcome to the last day of March!!!  Oh April, I can’t wait to shed my wetsuit during this month!!  The surf, however, is flat.  It is the Lake of Mexico out here on Pensacola Beach.  The winds are coming out of the NE at 5-7 mph causing for offshore conditions and flatness.  It looks like we have two days to wait until the surf starts to build again.  So get ready! High tide is at 11:46 this morning and low tide will be at 8:52 this evening.  Have a great Monday and we will report later today.