Good morning!  We still have a little surf out there!   I had a lot of fun on my 10′ longboard this morning!  It was running thigh plus high on the sets.  The sets were really full so I needed my big board to get into the waves.  Man, once I was into them….so much fun.  The water is so cold though…56 degrees!  We measured that yesterday! Brr!  The wind has now gotten a little harder.  It is now 7-10 mph out of the SE.  So, that means we have some building surf!   It has also compromised the form of the little waves coming in.  If you have  a SUP or a large paddleboard and need some saltwater therapy…there is a little something out there for you.  Nothing epic…nothing to scream about…but it is surfable little lines and that’s good enough for me. I guess that’s a good reason for our cam to be down.  I wouldn’t have thought it was big enough to surf on if I hadn’t have been ON the beach looking at it.