This surf report is sponsored by Waterboyz Surf and Skate
Shop.  They are your one stop shop for all your skating and surfing needs.  From in-house shapers (with local Gulf Coast knowledge) for that dream board you’ve been wanting to a new skateboard you can use in their indoor skatepark. They also have tons of wetsuits, watches, and shoes.  Waterboyz is the shop for you.

On December 6th they are going to have a surf movie premier called “Live from the Moon” at 7:30 inside the Waterboyz skatepark.

I hope that you got a chance to surf today. It was big offshore surf all day long.  Whoohoo it was fun! The models are showing knee high surf in the morning but keep your eyes on it.  Don’t forget we have a live webcam on the Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier.  Enjoy the pics and if you like our site give us a like on facebook