***Did you surf from April 2010-September of 2010 and develope any medical conditions such as Eye, nose, skin, dizziness,
nausea or respitory conditions? You may be eligible for up to 60,700.00 for chronic conditions. OR
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Good morning!  It is not as chilly this morning only 66°.  The surf is still flat.  There are little ankle rollers coming through on the sandbar but nothing rideable.  The fishing on the Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier has been phenomenal.  The winds are out of the ESE at 5-7 mph causing for just a little texture on the Gulf.  High tide was at 12:22 this morning and low tide will be at 11:27 am. We are still flatlining on surf for the next few days.  Time to start making some east coast plans.  This marks day 15 of no surf…I mean noooooo surf.  Hope you got all your dings repaired for anytime the surf does decide to come back to us.  Have a great day!