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Good Morning. We have surf!!!  It’s running solid waist high with bigger sets.  The wind is blowing out of the SE at 15 mph causing for choppy conditions.  But we have surf and we don’t have to wear a wetsuit.  Low tide was at 12:52 this morning and high tide is at 2:34 this afternoon.  Looks like we have surf through Friday so enjoy this awesomeness.  The winds are supposed to stay hard out of the ESE to SE all day.  Go catch some surf!  We will give you another surf report at midday. Have an AWESOME Wednesday!

Check out last year’s swell.  This day was crazy.  It was flat during the morning and I mean flat.  The midday report was still super flat… But the afternoon session.  We had waist to chest surf!  It was a total freak swell that nobody was expecting.  Good times!