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Good afternoon!  It is another beautiful day out here on Pensacola Beach.  It FINALLY feels like summer (81 degrees…well almost summer).  I am not knocking the cool weather…I am going to be missing it come August.  BUT it is nice to wear tank tops and shorts and not have to throw a jacket in the car for just in case it gets cold…in May!!  That said the surf is only shin high.  You could stand up paddleboard it or teach someone how to surf.  The winds are out of the SW at 15 mph causing for chop on the surface of the Gulf.  It may make paddling on the Gulf side of the island not so fun and a workout going back into the wind. The tide is going out for the rest of our daylight hours, but not that it is effecting any of the shin high surf coming through.  The models have changed for  Sunday…but I am holding on to hope as my parents have graciously offered to sacrifice themselves to the surf gods and are going out of town.  Thanks Mom and Dad!! hahaha.  Have a great Thursday!