***This surf report is sponsored by Aloha Wine & Liquor. They are located beside the marina right as you get onto
Pensacola Beach.***

Good morning.  We have another day of surf!  Yahoooo.  Unfortunately the form looks worse today than what it has but it is surf and you don’t have to wear a wetsuit.  The surf is running chest high with bigger sets.  The wind is now out of the SSE at 17 mph causing choppy sloppy conditions. Low tide was at 1:34 this morning and high tide is at 3:04 this afternoon.  The winds are supposed to stay on it hard all day again today so if you go surf try and find protection if you can.  Thanks for all of your support and we will give you another surf report at midday. Have an AWESOME FRIDAY!!!

The surf was knee high with thigh high sets this time last year.  Click here to view!