***This surf report is sponsored by Aloha Wine & Liquor. They are located beside the marina right as you get onto
Pensacola Beach. They have paddleboard/bike rentals and a beautiful deck to enjoy the sunsets on Pensacola Beach.***

Good afternoon!  We have swell.  I wouldn’t call it true surf although it is rideable.  Don’t count on a quality ride right now.  I just think the tide is too high for anything decent right now.  The sets that come through (for the patient people…not me) are thigh high.  They don’t go much of anywhere but, again, they are rideable on a longboard or a SUP.  Mostly it is knee mush barely breaking over the sandbars. If the wind, please wind, will back off and the tide pulls out a bit more, there could be something more fun to ride on.  I will keep my eyes on the surf and if anything changes, I will report back.  Right now the winds are out of the ESE at 10-12 mph.  The wind reports online have been so off lately!  This reading is from the beach.  Have a great day!!