***This report is sponsored by the Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier. Have you eaten at their new restaurant or when was the last time you took a walk down to the end? Go check them out and tell them Pensacola Surf sent you!***

Good morning.  It’s a cloudy morning out at Pensacola Beach.  The winds are blowing out of the ESE at 14-16 mph with 20+ mph gusts which is unfortunately causing for sloppy/choppy conditions.  The surf is running waist high with rib sets.  The surf should only build as the day goes on. Low tide is at 7:13 this morning and high tide is at 7:18 this evening.  We will update again at midday.  We are going to have some weird reports for the next couple of days and we should be back to normal on Tuesday.  Sorry for the inconvenience but hopefully the webcam on the first page helps make up for it a bit. Have an awesome Thursday and a HUGE HUGE thanks to the Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier for the Pictures!