***This report is sponsored by Dr. Buck Waters Chiropractic.  Surfers on a Mission is starting a new surf video series called “On the Rocks” starting October 11 at 6:30 in the Upper Room of the Pensacola Beach Innerlight Surf Shop***

Good afternoon!  It is absolutely beautiful out here on Pensacola Beach, chilly but beautiful.  I took the opportunity to pull out a pair of jeans….which I promptly put on and regretted it.  It’s not that cold.  The surf is flat, flat as a pancake, as a board, as everything else that’s flat.  The water is crystal clear.  The winds are still blowing out of the NE at 8-9 mph causing for…you guessed it…flat conditions.  Looks like we may have surf for the First Annual YS3 contest on Saturday…I just want some surf.  This flatness is killing me.  Have a great Sunday afternoon, and we will report back at you later.
Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier