Good afternoon!  SURF IS UP!!!  Looks like we are in for some super awesome surf so get your boards waxed and ready for the next two days because it could be really good.  The surf is solid waist to rib with bigger sets.  I saw some shoulder high peaks out there.  The wind is blowing out of the SW at 6-8 mph causing for semi choppy conditions.  I have pictures of the Cross, Pier, and of 18th so you can see the difference.  Hopefully it can save you some gas and time.  The Cross looked fun on a longboard.  The Pier had shorter lines and probably the less inconsistent of the three.  18th looked really fun on a shortboard.  It looked a little more peaky there. You could still surf a longboard at any three spots though.  Click the picture below to see everything!  Remember if you guys like this site please tell everyone you know about us.  They don’t have to surf to appreciate the site.  You can see the sunrise every morning without having to get up.  Thank you SO much for your support.  Have a great afternoon and GO SURF!
18th Avenue:
The Cross:
The Pier: