Good afternoon!  Surf is still up.  Surf is running waist to rib with some bigger peaks ever so often.  The wind is out of the SW at 7-9 mph causing for semi choppy conditions.  Form looks ok.  There are some closeouts but there are some fun waves to be caught for sure.  It’s 84 degrees and the rain is staying away from the beach.  It has been pretty out here all day.  Make sure to check out our sunrise surf report tomorrow.  It is looking good for tomorrow and Friday so get ready and keep your fingers crossed.  Tomorrow morning is supposed to have light offshore winds and depending on which model you look at it could be from stomach to chest… Just saying.  If any of you guys know of anyone or even work for someone that may be interested in sponsoring the site tell them about us.  Our prices for sponsorship are very reasonable.  As always thanks for your support and have fun in the water!